Day Two of Stay Warm and Write with LWC

Hello – just to remind you, in case you missed yesterday’s ezine. In January we will be running Stay Warm and Write, a month of daily tips*from published writers, publishers and agents. We hope it will inspire you to keep writing, perhaps start something new or just to stay warm and ponder your next book.

Today’s tip is from literary agent and co-founder of London Writers’ Club,

Jacqueline Burns

Don’t waste time on things that aren’t designed to move you forward. Research can be a rocky detour.

Research is important and sometimes it has to be done before you can write accurately

other times it is just a time waster.

If you want to get to the end of your first draft then sometimes you have to write a note to yourself within your book to do that piece of research later. It’s

perfectly okay to leave holes as long as you make a note of them.

Without a road map it’s easy to detour. With one you can keep your eyes on the road to finishing your book.

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