Stay Warm and Write with London Writers’ Club

Happy New Year!

In January we will be running Stay Warm and Write, a month of daily tips from published writers, publishers and agents. We hope it will inspire you to keep writing, perhaps start something new or just to stay warm and ponder your next book.

Our first tip is from the author, Alison MacLeod:

Alison MacLeodWhen you’re stuck with a chapter or a story – after you’ve done all the work you can do – put it aside for a few days, but spend ten minutes, eyes closed, turning it over in your mind before you sleep and then ten minutes, eyes closed still, immediately after you wake up.

Alison MacLeod

Alison MacLeod is the author of the novel The Changeling, The Wave Theory of Angels and Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction. She is currently working on a new novel and lives in Brighton.

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