What Makes you ‘you’? Guest Blog

What makes you, you?

Flicking through a magazine this question caught my eye. It went on to suggest creating a snapshot to represent who you are to the rest of the world.  What would you look like? What would you be doing?  Try it? A recent revelation makes me believe the next step is to think about your back story; what went into the making of ‘you’.

I host retreats in Bali and I’m writing a book about taking home all the benefits of a holiday. Working with Jacq Burns on a recent retreat she suggested that my book needed to have more of me in it and it has transformed the experience and the book. I’ve pushed past my doubts and fears and understand that my story is relevant and a big part of why I wrote the book!

You may not be ready for a book yet, but perhaps you need to write for yourself or your business, for your website or a blog and need to put more of a unique flavour of you in it?

Talking to guests from around the world, I realise that its not just me who struggles to put the ‘me’ into my words.  What if you could capture the spirit of the real you and bring more of you into everything you do including your writing? I now know what to say and write next.

I met fellow Aussie Jacq Burns when she stayed with us in Ubud over 20 years ago. She was relocating to London to work for Random House and she’s now a literary agent and author of Write a Bestseller. She fascinated me by explaining that journalists are increasingly interested in the personal story behind the scenes rather than say, a business or book itself.
We’re increasingly urged to write about ourselves in social media, blogs or books, but what if like me, you’ve struggled to write well about yourself? How do you do it?  The solution seemed obvious, so I’ve asked Jacq to run a special retreat for those of us who haven’t told our story fully and who would benefit from the sort of help she gave me.2017 is going to be the year that I tell my story and be more visible. A crucial step is believing you have a story worth telling… the answer is yes you do.

If you want to take this further join me in our treetop classroom for an intense Nail Your Story retreat with Jacq Burns I will be in the front row!
Karen Willis, Sharing Bali.PS. You don’t need to be a ‘writer’ and there is no better place to unleash the real you in your words.

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